May 23


AT LAST the news you have been waiting for !  The announcement of the theme for the annual CCAS Member’s Show. Its almost the funnest night of the year and in previous years beset with controversy as the members clamber to outdo each other. Someone invariably outdoes … and previous winners include Julia Boyd, Erik Krebs-Schade, Jacqueline Bradley, Mandy Martin, Marina Neilsen, Dianne Libke and Byrd frequently receives the outrageously expensive champagne and chocolates. There’s surprise prizes galore and  in 2013 Louis Watts won the much sought after Teenage Ninja Turtles 55 Piece Art Set. 


The 2014 CCAS Members Exhibition (its prestigious)

August 15th & 16th CCAS Gorman House

Opening 6pm Friday 15th August

Selfie was announced by Oxford dictionary as word of the year 2013. So in the spirit of vanity Canberra Contemporary Art Space has preened itself up for another Member’s show. Artists have made selfies for thousands of years before social media made them mainstream. CCAS is here to help you take them back with our theme #selfie. So crack out those duckfaces and practice your YOLOs because this will be an experience your instagram followers will re-blog into eternity.

ccas selfie

ccas selfie

CCAS Staff, interns and friends

Jared, Sabrina, Channing, Merryl, David, Isobel, Kevin, Alex, Alycia, Lupita, Angelina and Skywhale

Entry: Open to all members of Canberra Contemporary Art Space. Entry fee is $35

Entrants can become members at time of entry

Medium: All medium welcome. Work must be dropped off ready to hang- no installations.

Dimensions: 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m maximum size

Work is for sale (if you want) and there is no commission

Deadline: 5pm Friday 8th August, drop work off to:

                     CCAS, Gorman House Arts Centre,

                     55 Ainslie Ave, Braddon

                     No late submissions will be accepted

For more information contact Sabrina Baker, CCAS Gallery Administrator on 62470188 or