November 27


Annette & Jan Falsone

Annette & Jan Falsone (PhotoAccess)

By way of announcing the #Inner South Arts Hub the social pages covers two exhibitions at two of the organisations that will make up the newly conceived Hub, PhotoAccess and CCAS Manuka. The said Arts Hub is a collective of art galleries and spaces based in Canberra’s leafy inner south. Other organisations involved are Canberra Glassworks, Megalo Print Studio, Artsound, Bilk Gallery and M16 Artspace. The aim of the Inner South Arts Hub is to share audiences and point out that when in the Inner South – you can do the rounds visiting galleries that are close together in a very salubrious part of Canberra. Keep and eye out for the beautifully designed and printed map (thanks Megalo) that will guide your tour of the hub. Also stay tuned to the social pages for information about future events in this glorious part of town.


Ngaio Fitzpatrick

Ngaio Fitzpatrick (PhotoAccess)

Madeline Burton and Alex

Madeline Bishop and Alex (PhotoAccess)

Octavio and Sira

Octavio Garcia Alvarado and Sira (PhotoAccess)

Claire and Robert

Claire and Robert (PhotoAccess)

Bella & Earl

Bella & Earl (PhotoAccess)

Evie & Lewis

Evie & Lewis (PhotoAccess)

PhotoAccess opened three classy exhibitions last night by Madeline Bishop, Ngaio Fitzpatrick and Octavio Garcia Alvarado. Madeline has always been a bit on the dark side and she has taken it one step further with 80 Dernier, double portraits of sisters photographed in very low light …. pretty much black. But this is yet another FAB show from Madeline who is really someone to watch. Ngaio’s Oblivion is a work about climate change and the consequent pressures on the planet. Ngaio generates a sense of the tense atmosphere that is a harbinger of environmental disaster. Octavio’s work is completely unique … like nothing you have ever seen.  Ancient Mexican Codex uses the chemigram, an alternative darkroom etching technique, to re-imagine the ancient images of Mesoamerican culture in the Mixtec Codex. Notably Octavio is the PhotoAccess EASS artist-in-residence. Really great shows that simply must not be missed. At PhotoAccess until 14 December.

CCAS Manuka:

Dickie and Louise Upshall

Dickie and Louise Upshall (CCAS Manuka)

At CCAS Manuka Louise Upshall and Tara Bromham have collaborated on an exhibition that explores the body landscape and human connections to the natural world. Louise’s ever so slightly surreal collaged hybrid creatures add a hint of humour to the philosophical foundations of the work.  Cleft aims to generate a magical dreamlike space that is seriously enhanced by Tara’a shimmering, sensual and delicate plant dyed textiles that do much more than enhance the the collages. At CCAS Manuka until 7 December.

Rosie and Tara Brom

Rosie and Tara Bromham (CCAS Manuka)

Graham, Sene and Naomi

Graham, Sene and Naomi (CCAS Manuka)

Julia and Sabrina

Julia and Sabrina (CCAS Manuka)

Classic: Dickie poses like he means it (CCAS Manuka)

Classic: Dickie poses like he means it (CCAS Manuka)