December 18



One week to go and its bloody Christmas again ! I guess it doesn’t mean so much for us at CCAS because everyday here is like Christmas. At the last opening in fact with Timothy D, Ramesh Nithiyendran and Tracey Benson it could be said that all our Christmases came at once. Talk about a climax to what has been another very good year ! In 2015 there will be a minor change to the overall direction of CCAS programs that builds on the very successful format of the Canberra Centenary Program of 2013. The program is geared towards idea based-shows with four curated exhibitions and 7 solo and exhibitions. The group shows enable CCAS to develop curatorial practice in the ACT while providing opportunities for a greater number of artists and consequently developing a broader based audience. The program also includes space for three interdisciplinary events and the annual members show which is also developing as a fundraiser. There are also collaborative public programs planned with ANU School of Art, Belconnen Art Centre, ANCA and Photoaccess.

happy modernist Christmas

happy modernist Christmas

Always on the search for an unusual Nativity Scene we searched the net for “strange nativity scene” and came up with a new modernist nativity genre. Fabulous. It is always appropriate to acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas even if it is only a white block. And while we are in the 50s and 60s which is where the CCAS Social Pages Christmas Message usually ends up, there is a film you simply must see over Christmas in which Santa is kidnapped by Martians. This 1-2.5/10 star film is considered to be one of the worst movies of all time and interestingly, is Pia Zadora’s first role. A typical review (and there are many), goes something like this:

 ” This is truly the worst movie I have ever seen, but it really goes beyond that. …. This film brings artistry to sub-mediocrity. Something so basely horrible it defies the physics of cinematography. I could not make a worse movie if I spent absolutely no time at all making it. …  If you have a dollar on you the next time you pass by your local dollar store, do yourself a favor and revel in the worst thing you can imagine.” High praise indeed.

Santa Claus Conguers the Martians Wallpaper

So cuddle up with your iPhone and see the worst holiday movie ever in “blazing colour”, it will make you love your extended family and you can see it here

Martian Kids

Martian Kids

Anyway we are not going to wish you a Merry Christmas because that is so 60s but have a great holiday season everyone; drink/eat as much as you like (don’t even think about driving … anywhere) and be kind to each other (i.e speak only in safe cliches) … and whatever you do, stay away from the news – you do not need to know what is happening on this planet. Better you don’t.

and finally …. check this