January 21


Sylvie Stern at Photoaccess (work from Shifted: scapes and figures by Sally-Forth Heaney-Garzoli)

Sylvie Stern at Photoaccess : opening of Shifted: scapes and figures by Sally-Forth Heaney-Garzoli

This morning there are tears on our blotters as we hear of Sylvie Stern’s passing : news that seemed to come like a bolt out of the blue …. Sylvie was loved by everyone at CCAS and well beyond. Its pretty much impossible to write a meaningful account of Sylvie’s contribution to the ACT art scene. It was so great. There were few pies that Sylvie didn’t have her finger in, visual arts, music, theatre and dance – she loved them all and devoted her life to making sure everyone knew who was doing what in Canberra. Sylvie’s history of involvement predates my time and when I arrived from Brisbane in 2006 I knew immediately that Sylvie was truly a local legend, a figure that loomed large in the ACT community. Her support for the new dude in town was instant, and she wasted no time in telling me who I should meet, where I should go and importantly, who one should avoid. I am eternally grateful for Sylvie’s advice. Her passion for arts radio and focus on local artists and activity generated instantaneous rapport. When Sylvie interviewed, you wished it would last forever – and sometimes it seemed to do exactly that ! It was clear that Sylvie loved the creative people around her and (unusually) took great pride in Canberra as a vibrant centre for the arts. Always a great advocate for all things arty; positive, supportive and enthusiastic to a fault Sylvie leaves an enormous void and some oversize shoes to fill … but for the while, at least we can be inspired by her memory. (David Broker)

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David Broker, Sylvie Stern, Karen Klein, Andrew Klein (Chair) and Rennie Kodgers at Bone Idol CCAS 2012

Excellent group photo : David Broker, Sylvie Stern, Karen Klein, Andrew Klein (CCAS Chair) and Rennie Kodgers at Bone Idol CCAS 2012

Anni and Sylvie

Anni and Sylvie


Sylvie opens exhibitions at Photoaccess