February 04


Tim and Chris Carmody

Family photo: Tim and Chris Carmody

No need to photograph anyone else when the Carmodys are around …. there is simply no competition. And having got that piece of shameless superficiality out of the way lets consider Chris Carmody’s eagerly awaited show Verbatim which opened at ANCA last night. Once a CCAS Studio Resident Chris has wowed and confounded his audience with a diverse practice of unusual (to say the least) ideas. Verbatim is part of an ongoing project that deals with systems of information, not so much obsolete, but in a process of transformation. He has been working with faded library books for some time and for Verbatim turned his attention to the floppy disc, for many of us a distant (somewhat amusing) memory when it comes to data storage. This exhibition looks not only at the system but also with a certain nostalgia, the brand. Painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and installation capture some of the atmosphere of a bygone technologies while reminding the audience of personal engagements with technological development and change. Verbatim is a an exhibition of highly desirable objects …. you have been warned !