July 23




Those things in your grans knicker drawer probably left undiscussed are the theme and title for shows by Alycia Moffat and Claire Lenehan that opened at CCAS Manuka last night. Using twisted duct tape and various modes of drawing Alycia turns underwear or more accurately the idea of underwear into innovate, critical, intelligent and yes … amusing works of art. Its all about the experience of underthings and there is an element of grunge in her highly developed assemblages …. she makes it look easy but of course its so NOT. Really great work in the “outsider” style of Jenny Watson, perhaps, but completely different in all but its feminist and stylistic agenda. Claire Lenehan  places women’s issues at the centre of her portraits which are a complete contrast to Alycia’s work. More formal, more figurative Claire aims to give a greater more empowered voice to women who have experienced gendered violence in all its forms. And good on her for bringing these very topical issues to the fore. Consider it mentioned at CCAS Manuka until 2 August.