May 13


There seems to be a lot of action on the social pages today so we can only assume you are looking for news. And it ain’t good.

The Australia Council for the Arts announced this week that it would no longer provide recurrent funding for Canberra Contemporary Art Space. From 2017 CCAS will be lose approximately $67,000 each year. Seems the Australia Council is only supporting craft in the ACT …..  A number of CCAS’s ground-breaking programs will immediately be effected, including the studio residents’ program for emerging artists and the international residency exchange program. All up there will be fewer opportunities for visual artists with reduced programming and artists’ fees suspended until funding can be restored. Many of our favourite businesses will also be affected, including freight companies, hardware stores, art supplies, hotels, airlines, restaurants, and contractors, as CCAS will not be able to pay for their services. How will they cope !

Despite a rocky road ahead, CCAS is currently fighting fit and enjoying massive community support. In liaison with ArtsACT, CCAS is looking at some exciting changes to programs that will ultimately benefit both local artists and those across the nation.

All the very best to all our colleagues in all art forms who have lost out today – we will rise again !