June 16


Worried about your favourite arts organisations being wiped of the face of the planet?

Worried about having nowhere to show your work?

Worried about the sudden decline in development programs for emerging artists?

Worried about never having an artists fee?

Worried about the future of Australian arts and culture?

Worried all of the above and much, much more. You should be ….

Its no secret that CCAS is among the many organisations defunded in the latest round of Australia Council recurrent funding. That leaves no visual arts organisation in the ACT that pays fees, provides commission free space to sell your works, rental free gallery space, professional expertise in installing exhibitions and developing careers. Its a miserable situation and its happening right across the country. Its a cultural issue, an economic issue, an employment issue and the list goes on.

CCAS  has joined together with artists and arts organisations around Australia to say in no uncertain terms – enough. We are important to this country and we want action.

Its time for a NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION JUNE 17 – Friday. Below we have the situation outlined and what you can do. Every voice makes a difference.

Thanks to everyone at  Artspace Sydney, NAVA, Performance Space and MCA for their solid support in organising the National Day of Action.

Click HERE to sign the petition