July 08


Cat, Luke and the painting

Cat, Luke and the painting in question

Pardon my French

There was an extremely amusing incident at M16 Artspace last night as Cat Mueller’s much coveted painting Blue the colour of our planet from far far away (2016) went up for the Collectors’ raffle. Cat who is one of this years CCAS studio residents, represented ANU Art School in Hatched a PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) earlier in the year  is also a very popular local figure and her work is desirable to say the least. I had bought 5 tickets in the vain hope it might be mine. Needless to say there was quite bit of argy bargy before the draw as many people at the opening had their sights set on this work, if not a place already set aside on their walls. The look on Cat’s face was priceless as she drew the name from the bowl and announced … the somewhat embarrassed winner,  Luke, …. her beau, her other half, her whatever they are called these days. Perhaps this was Lady Luck’s way of telling us not to count our chickens before they have hatched or just having a laugh. Whatever it rendered the punters momentarily speechless as they attempted to process what actually happened. And then there was much to talk about. Is there a moral to this story … damned if I know. David Broker reporting.

Cat Mueller Blue the colour of our planet+from+far+far+away_2016_ acrylic and aerosol+ on+ppolyester_81+x122cm

Cat Mueller Blue the colour of our planet from far far away (2016) acrylic and aerosol on polyester, 81x122cm