October 24


Neil Hobbs and Brenda Croft

Neil Hobbs and Brenda Croft

Contour 556 opened to a round of enthusiastic applause on Friday night. And a very fine opening it was too ! If the work in the gallery is anything to go by (and I believe it is) then this 3 week festival of public art interventions is a triumph for curator and creator Neil Hobbs and all of the artists involved. Artists from all over the planet come together in Contour 556 to respond to the history and environment of Canberra and they do it in a myriad of inventive works and ways. CCAS Director David Broker said when he opened the exhibition, ” Works in every media imaginable focus on the surrounding hills, the bush, the lake as a site of curious recreations, the stark modernist architecture that rises awkwardly over its shores, the graceful black swans and disgraceful carp that inhabit its murky waters. Canberra’s role in the turbulent sphere of national politics provides an abundance of captivating content for artists. The original Ngunnawal custodians are also acknowledged along with issues of colonial power and the lagging process of reconciliation.

Curator and creator Neil Hobbs has created a vast laboratory where site-specific works and socially engaged public art can be realised within the fabric of the city. At the intersection of global and local genius, artists come together to make sense (or nonsense) of the place and the time, to share their imaginations with us and thereby enhance our own.”

Some people said it was Mr Broker’s most grown up speech and they might have a point. Most importantly Contour 556 showcases local artists along with their national and international peers while making use of Canberra’s unique blend of natural and artificial beauty. Over the three weeks we will continue to add info, photos and news items about Contour 56 in this post – so as they say stay POSTED.

Contour 556 is currently happening along the Lake Burley Griffen foresaw. Will post a map asap.

db and Horomi Tango

db and Horomi Tango

Hiromi Tango and

Hiromi Tango



Tara, Ham Darrch and baby

Tara, Ham Darrch and Marcel

Karena Keys, Alexander Boynes and emma Beer

Karena Keys, Alexander Boynes and Emma Beer



Helen Musa and Ian Marr

Susan and Peter (with jewellery) by Zoe Brand

Susan and Peter (with jewellery) by Zoe Brand

Eau de wet dogge by David Capra with Teena

photos by Sabrina Baker


Georgia and Eau de wet dogge

Sabrina and some furry friends joined David Capra and Teena the dachshund for the Canberra launch of Eau de wet dogge on Saturday arvo. This new fragrance celebrates the artist’s dog’s infamous bath time. Moist fur, soap suds and soil unite at the base to give this perfume a uniquely musky charm. Sour top notes of slobber and dog breath add alluring nuance. 25 dogs attended and human nostrils have commented that the perfume leaves a little to be desired.






dog sounds


Keith, Kin, Jet and Zoe with Archie’s Yams