November 16



Katy and work by Christoph Dalhausen

Art After Dark + Ride in the Inner South Arts Hub is kind of like a pub crawl except one goes from gallery to gallery rather than pub to pub. You can walk, ride a bicycle or drive as long as you stay off the vino or sangria, as the case may be. Its a really great idea and as it turns out, a lot of fun. Friday night we went to M16 Artspace, CCAS Manuka, Photoaccess, Megalo Print Workshop and ended up the Fitters Workshop. It was particularly good this year because it coincided with the last days of Contour 556 a fabulous festival of public art along the foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin (and covered elsewhere in this blog).


Looking so stylish they were unrecognisable as artists – Peter Rohen, Peter Ranyard, Tiff Brown, Sarit Cohen and Mark Mohell

Memoria Platea (Latin: Memory,Place) M16

This is an impressive exhibition of masterful works by Tiff Brown, Sarit Cohen, Mark Mohell, Macdonald Nichols, Pater Ranyard and Peter Rohen. Memoria Platea explores themes of place, memory, identity, travel, nostalgia and diaspora. It was great to see some good old fashioned photography amongst many other media that included some gorgeous ceramic work by Sarit Cohen placed throughout the gallery !


Enrico at M16 Artspace

Sane and Dave

Sam and Dave

Lapin Rebecca Selleck

Loved this rather unusual exhibition by up and coming installation artist/sculptor Rebecca Selleck. It includes a plague of heated “rabbits” on Axminster style floral carpet with two white chairs. This scene of 1960s ish domesticity invaded by cuddly vermin explores what Rebecca calls, “convoluted relationships with introduced species”. Torn between Beatrix Potter’s representation of Peter and furry friends, and these destructive animals that seem to be resilient to everything humans can through at them … she creates a curious scenario indeed. Blurring the contextual boundaries between pest, product and friend in a bodily experience, Rebecca lays bare the hypocrisies that lurk in everyday cultural experiences.


Rebecca Selleck and her exhibition Lapin


Rebecca Selleck and Lapin

Enrico, Matt and Rebecca

Enrico, Matt and Rebecca


Kim and dog inspects Lapins


Kim and friend

Finding Focus  Laura Hindmarsh
An Exhibition by London-based Australian artist Laura Hindmarsh, incorporating film, performance and experimental photographic techniques. Her practice is an ongoing inquiry into mediation and procedure resulting in collapse or exhaustion. While this sounds somewhat unappealing, Laura reaches for the sublime and seems to have touched it. Questioning different modes of representation and repetition she explores how the lived experience is recorded, recalled and re-experienced. Considering the physical and psychological space that art works come from Laura gets down to the nitty gritty aspects of labour, process or just plain hard work.

Temporality  Enrico Scotece
And there was a lot more “good old fashioned photography” at Photoaccess (being a photomedia tragic, I certainly don’t mean this in a pejorative sense!) Temporality showcases a series of experimental landscape photographic works created in the PhotoAccess darkroom. The show includes a number of breath taking prints that were shot on a 4×5 large format camera alongside images created using pinhole cameras. Enrico builds his own pinhole cameras which he then places in trees and exposes a piece of film for extended time periods, lasting up to several months, capturing the sun’s path across the sky. Gotta love the pinhole camera which, in the digital age, seems to have taken on a whole new significance.


Laura Hindmarsh

Denise and Anni

Denise and Anni

Matt and Wolf

Matt and Wilf

Hugh and Joseph

Hugh and Joseph

Lucidus Ellie Malin

At Megalo Elllie presents patterns inspired by a love for travel and childhood memories. Her prints capture the most meaningful and insignificant moments in life with the same enthusiasm and care. This is an exhibition with a hint of Bauhaus, organic abstraction and cool sense of design.

Enrico and Katy

Enrico and Katy

Sally and penny

Sally and Penny

Water Stories Alexander Boynes at the Fitters Workshop

Last but not least we come to ye olde Fitters Workshop on Kingston Foreshore to discover that Alexander Boynes had created a spectacle. Water Stories is a large-scale video installation work based upon the theme of water, and it’s significance to Australian culture and history. It was produced collaboratively with dancers and musicians involved in Arnhembrand, an art, science and stories project that promotes the objectives of healthy country and communities in the Djelk Indigenous Protected Area, Arnhemland, Northern Territory. The second collaboration is PRAXIS; a multi-disciplinary art collective Alexander Boynes established with dancer/choreographer Laura Boynes, and cellist/composer Tristen Parr in 2013, who premiered their first major work Dark Matter at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia in September 2016. Water Stories is a classic immersive installation that dominates the cavernous workshop space and its infamously echoing acoustics (not easy). Being amongst the screens, sometimes between screens, surrounded by sound, this piece somehow brings you back to earth … drawing you into an atmospheric dance of elemental light and `sound.

Genevieve and Caroline immersed in work by Alexander Boynes

Genevieve and Caroline immersed in work by Alexander Boynes Contour 556

Outside the Fitters, Christoph Dalhausen combines blue fluorescent light tubes with  steel scaffolding. While the sculpture is not connected to the building, it responds to the dimension and proportion of details. This work has the pretence of a functional structure that is scarcely obscured by space, rhythm and light. The rhythmic positioning of light tubes contrasts that of the scaffolding and frames the lights of the Foreshore.


Genevieve and Caroline look at work by Christoph Dalhausen Contour 556