December 14




A Christmas message from the desk of David Broker

I have noticed that many people across the nation are eagerly awaiting Christmas this year, not because they love Christmas, but rather because its been a “shit year” and they can’t wait for it to end. Count me in on that one – as we at CCAS count the minutes to Friday. Christmas is synonymous with holidays followed by a brand NEW year, SO there is hope … albeit faint. Christmas is also a time for reading which is why the social pages have a bookish theme this year. The stack of books above, we are assured, contains Christmas reading. And judging by the titles not too taxing although The Great Christmas Knit Off could potentially do one’s head in. I know that if I ever read a book these days – it will be at Christmas and there is nothing like a lite sordid novella to distract attention from drunk uncles who think Donald Trump is the cat’s pyjamas. So when the maggoted relatives lurch towards you claiming Hilary Clinton is a lesbian you can calmly say, “I’m sorry, I’m reading Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe and I can’t put it down.” Saved. Anyway I have been searching the internet for days to provide social pages readers with the very best of holiday reading that would/should cost little more than 50c, possibly less. While a number of these novels appear to have an LGBTI theme you will be surprised to find they are nothing of the sort.  The work of writers devoid of irony …. heterosexuality at its most confused. So sit yourself back with a glass of Cold Duck and have a bodice ripping Christmas. 


CCAS thanks everyone for their support over this particularly difficult year. Canberra is famous for its arts community and we saw it step up to the plate when more than 50 fabulous artists donated works for Quick Draw, our inaugural and incredibly successful fundraising event. Thanks goes to the grooviest list of sponsors in the Canberra region (Mallaluka Wines, Bar Rochford, Barrio Coffee Co, Tupelo Coffee Co,  3 Mills Bakery, PACT Beer Co and the National Gallery of Australia). And we must not forget the paying punters who made Quick Draw a runaway success in less than two weeks. 


Thanks heaps to all the artists who have shown in CCAS programs at Gorman Arts Centre, CCAS Manuka and CCAS City over the year !  We also owe a great deal to the interns, volunteers and our inspiring studio residents who have consistently helped maintain morale against the odds throughout 2016.  Their efforts have been very much appreciated. And finally thanks to the members and audience who votes with their wallets and feet ! Have a great Christmas and all the very best for the New Year. 


CCAS is closes from Monday 20 December and opens on 24 January 2017. When we return High Rise Low Rise and Currents will run for another 3 weeks. These exhibitions have received an amazing response so far so make sure you see them. As we speak Sally Brand is organising Blaze#11 with the 2016 studio residents (plus others). So there is a lot to look forward too in 2017.