February 03




Alycia Moffat’s oeuvre has often focused on fabrics, garments (or parts thereof) that interact/connect with bodies over periods of time. One of her previous exhibitions for example, Unmentionables, consisting of deconstructed underwear set the scene for an expose of the interface between skin and clothing. For the moment and for Someone else’s bed Alycia has moved on from the world of underthings and set her sights on sheets, thinking about the way bodies imprint on sheets and smells permeate the fabric. The bedding of (some fellow studio residents) Josh, Cat, Kon, Tom, plus Ebony, Louise, Freya and herself, hold memories of intimacy, sadness, illness rest and much more. Beds are a portrait of private lives and Someone else’s bed provides the audience with an opportunity to touch, poke, fondle and breath in the aromatic aromas of sheets from the bed of a friend … or stranger. It is an act of weird intimacy and somewhat disquieting. But its also curiously satisfying and I recommend that everyone does it … there may not be another occasion at which you can sniff bedsheets in public and get away with it quite so easily.   Someone else’s bed  at CCAS MANUKA until 12 January. (Unfortunately we don’t have photos from the opening but there are plenty of file photos taken during Alycia’s residency. Quite an appropriate idea really as residents are much photographed.)

Someone else’s bed is a CCAS Studio Residents’ Solo Exhibition




Josh, Alycia and Alex


Ji-Shen (RK Lawyers) and Alycia at EASS award ceremony