March 08


Sted, db, Mark Booth and Alex

Shagsy Shags did the photographic honours at CCAS City last might and one has to admit that taxes have certainly not been wasted on her education ! There is nothing this woman can’t do brilliantly ! The exhibition is Digital Disruption by Mark Booth. On the surface Digital Disruption appears to have military theme, however, it is more about the relationship between illusion and the coded significances of certain materials, patterns and colours. Mark’s sculptures are wrapped in camouflage fabric breaking up shape, rendering the base-structures unrecognisable and importantly demilitarising the materials via their transformation to soft sensuous form. There are also guns that re-appropriate children’s toys transforming harmless playthings into menacing weapons, a work that references children’s desensitisation to violence. A strip of tiled panels uses digital pixilation to render a minimal landscape. Interesting on many levels Digital Disruption  brings together innovation, beauty and (apart from the guns) an ambience of deconstructed menace …. but don’t take our word for it – see it now !
CCAS City until 8 APR 2017

Marie, Pete and Millan

Annika and Alex

Ralph and Nicci


Cat and friend