March 08


Cat and Will

Cat went to quite a lot of trouble to write an explanatory artist’s statement for her exhibition Morph so it would be rude not to use at least some of it. “Morph is a series of small-scale acrylic paintings that use a restricted palette of ten colours and a dotting technique to create atmospheric colour effects. Cat Mueller employs this construct to explore the possibilities of colour relationships by subtracting colours to demonstrate how changes in tone affect the overall mood of the painting. Throughout the series, opposing dotted gradients confined to geometric zones reveal themselves at a distance. Every work has small variations that mutate from the previous painting, each emitting their own otherworldly light source.” So Cat’s technique of painting dots in squares with mathematical precision generates a pastel aura in the gallery – as all the paintings act as one to create the overall look of the exhibition. Its a bit like an installation made from hues – even though no particular colour stands out, no particular work dominates. In a way the dots don’t matter because its the overall effect that is important. Teamwork for dots and single pieces, add up to one cohesive whole. Cat has been working on this for a while and it is the epitome of conceptual painting as well as making for a very beautiful exhibition. Totally not to missed at CCAS Manuka until 12 March.

Morph by Cat Mueller is a CCAS Studio Residents Solo Exhibition

Kael and friend

photos from Cat’s smart phone: