March 17


The Studio Residents exhibitions are CCAS Manuka are always to be looked forward to. Without exception they are occasions when Canberra’s coolest new artists excel. And Kon Kudo’s Third Eye totally nails it. So great I don’t even know where to begin … Kon sees the mobile phone as a kind of third eye through which nearly everyone sees and records their world. So his exhibition is set up so that the audience sees his kinetic works through their phones. Now it looks pretty damn good when you just enter the gallery; Third Eye is a series of analog objects constructed from plywood, string, photographs and some outdated forms of technology revisited for the pleasure of your third eye to see. Then you attach your mobile to the device, turn on video and spin the wheel … recording the work in action as it reveals its animated purpose. Its clever, its entertaining and its beautiful. You just gotta see this one – guarantee this is a disappointment free zone. At CCAS Manuka until 26 March.


Konsequence 2