March 21


A new movement has emerged in Canberra ! The Canberra Artists Action Group consists of passionate artists from all areas (music, dance, theatre, visual, craft and writing) who want to support the new ACT Arts Minister Gordon Ramsey to achieve the best results for artists in the ACT. The Action Group does not believe that with current funding arrangements, we are working a peak capacity and as a result Canberra’s vibrant arts scene is at risk. So its time for all artists and arts workers to climb on board, to support each other and to encourage the new Minister to make Canberra Arts even more great again (sorry). First thing to do his go immediately to the web page and sign the petition which requests the Assembly to call on the Government to: increase annual project funding, ensure that this increase be funded through an increase in the Arts Fund, set up an Arts Ministerial Advisory Board reporting directly to the Minister, ensure that the Minister works with the arts community to create the best possible funding model and increase the overall Arts Fund by a minimum of $1.25 million beginning in the 2017-18 budget.

Note: to sign the petition you must live in Canberra (if you want but don’t we appreciate the thought)


Join the DEMO next Wednesday 29 March at 12.15 for 12.30 Legislative Assembly of the ACT by the Ethos Sculpture for a Media Event and Protest. Every artist in the ACT should be there !

Talking arts funding in Shaken Up on Saturday arvo at Art Not Apart:  L-R Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak (MC, arts practitioner and cultural commentator, PhD in the history of local arts funding), David Broker (Director of Canberra Contemporary Art Space), Rebecca Taylor (prominent musician, music teacher starting her own school), David Caffery (Art, Not Apart Producer, President of MusicACT, Minister for Party Affairs of Australian Dance Party), Gordon Ramsay MLA (ACT Minister for Arts and Community Services, Regulatory Services, Veterans and Seniors and Attorney General, Johnathan Efkarpidis (Director of Molonglo Group and MG Cultural Program, Minister for Culture of Australian Dance Party), Caroline Stacey (ACT Artist of the Year 2015, CEO and Artistic Director of Street Theatre) image courtesy of Art Not Apart.