March 24


Chris Burton and Riley Beaumont

The title of this show is something of a declaration. Its an exhibition about nothing in particular other than 8 mates have got together and put on a show. A couple of the artists talked about it not being an easy hang since the work is quite diverse but somehow the 8 mates have pulled it off and  M16’s gallery 1 is filled with a breath of fresh air and what could be called creative optimism. (made that up) Generous space between works probably helps each artist stand out and there’s nothing that clashes. Thus they have achieved the air of a tight, curated exhibition from works that have little in common. It’s probable that the 8 had no idea initially just quite how successful this collaboration would be … however, nothing looks accidental. M8 is  exhibition that shows off – it seems to say look how good we are, look how good we have become. Almost everyone is a couple of years out of art school, still working and clearly gaining momentum. If there is one overarching impression that comes from M8, its that all the artists are right on top of their media and very comfortable with their ideas. The work ranges from cool (in every sense of the word) and slightly detached (Kael Stasce and Millan Pintos-Lopez) to hot with a hint of feral (Rowan Kane and Riley Beaumont). Mikhaila Jurkeiwicz, Joel Arthur, Chris Burton and Christopher Dalzell (Walrus) generate a sense of extraordinary intensity with photography, painting, drawing and print media/collage. M8 is a show that seemed to take everyone by surprise; we knew they were good but didn’t know they were this good ! Five star ripper and noice opening speech by the lovely Peter Alwast.  At M16 Artspace until 9 April.

Christopher Dalzell (Walrus)

Millan Pintos-Lopez

Nigel and Rowan Kane

Marie and Chris Burton

Joel and Pat

Peter and Tony

Axel, Kael and Jas

Chris, Ben, Joel and Axel

Mei and Michael

Kirsten and Bel

Lim and Kon