March 30


Michael Sollis (Canberra Artists Action Group) Tara Cheyne (MLA Member for Ginninderra) and Gordon Ramsay (ACT Attorney General and Minister for the Arts and Community Events)

Only in Canberra would you find a colourful protest that is in large part staged to support the new Minister for the Arts Gordon Ramsay. The Minister and Member for Ginninderra, Tara Cheyne, in turn showed their support yesterday afternoon by attending the protest meeting organised by newly formed Canberra Artists Action Group who have been in close contact with the Minister since December 2016.  This followed the mysterious announcement by artsACT at the end of last year, of Project Funds at one third the level of previous years. In a popular move the new Minister topped up the pool by $230,000 which enabled fourteen more of the ACT’s talented, hard working practitioners to receive support. In many respects yesterday’s protest was a light hearted celebration, a gathering of friends who support the arts and wanted to bring the vital contribution of artists to the “cool lil capital”, to public attention. Dancers, Allison Plevey and Olivia Fyfe, Sopranos, Louise Page and Sarah Louise Owens and Robin Davidson from Rebus Theatre produced a symbolic performance based on the simple but effective idea that if you water the garden great things will grow.  Popular local writer and curator Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak did the talking (video below)  in a fast and furious speech that emphasised that, “Together we can ensure that Canberra is the exciting, dynamic city that we all deserve.” Anni also encouraged everyone to sign the petition asking for an increase in funding as per election promises and great consultation with the community. If you haven’t already signed the petition please follow this link and join the chorus of growing support for ACT artists !


Allison Plevey (performer) and Anni Doyle Wawrzyczak (Canberra Artist’s Action Group spokesperson)


Robert (right) and “unenlightened” punter !

Olivia Fyfe and Allison Plevey perform (1)

David, Sarit, Alex and Lily

Olivia Fyfe and Allison Plevey performance (2)

Will (performer) and Dave Caffrey (art Not Apart)

Lia and Deb


Amanda and Nicci


Shags gets interviewed