March 31


The Owens: Daniel, Josh, Sandra and Riley

Josh Owen’s Booksmart sure got everyone talking at CCAS Manuka last night. Its a large digital projection of a camera panning past encyclopaedia’s eventually reaching dizzying speeds until the image teeters on the edge of abstraction. Encyclopaedia’s and other books cover half the gallery floor with 3 electric fans at each end creating drafts that turn the flapping pages in a random fashion. Booksmart is an installation of over 100 Encyclopaedias and reference guides presented alongside a video piece. Josh says it celebrates the death of a dated, static way of storing and accessing knowledge, and the birth of a new dynamic and democratic vehicle for information that often requires more of the reader. While Josh seems to be saying good riddance to “dusty old relics” there was a fair amount of nostalgia, especially amongst the elder members of Josh’s diverse audience. Encyclopaedia Britannica and World Book have many memories of a bygone era stored between their pages. The process of buying encyclopaedia’s is also referenced through a bookcase the subscriber gets to house the volumes purchased over time. As the installation takes up 50% of the gallery space it turned out to be a really fun opening with everyone crammed at the other end of the gallery – very good way to meet people !  This is the last of the residents’ solos and they have all been brilliant. Booksmart at CCAS Manuka until 9 April.

Riley, Rohan, db and Maggie

Sabrina’s finger and Josh

Lucas and Jack

Josh and Maggie

Claire and Shags

Alycia and Josh

Chris and Kael

Josh and his grandad Robert

Sophie and Julian

Mimi, Cat and Sophie

Josh and Julian

Harry and Eugene