April 06


Sabrina Baker and Sara d’Alessandro Manozzo

Sara and Sabrina introduce their video spectacle by announcing this might be the last Garage and “In a way, the garage has never existed”. The garage they say, ” … is more of an idea – or a sequence of ideas.” Whatever The Garage is, or isn’t”, it has been an important contribution to Canberra’s cultural landscape and this mini video festival in Lonsdale Street is the most ambitious Garage project to date. In sites along Lonsdale Street (hipsterville), in studios, shops and empty buildings there are video works by several of Australia’s most exciting conceptual video practitioners. Angela Tiatia’s study of the moves made by iconic women singers and Heath Franco’s feral musing on commercial TV networks make for a wild ride. Nathan Grey makes 30 second visual punchlines  … you might have no idea whats going on but they are riveting. Shagsy Shags’ shop window lounge room almost imperceptible until it emerges from its surroundings, opens up to a world of suburban entrapment. Luke Aleksandrow says goodbye to Rome by smashing dozens of slip cast porcelain forms in a video a deadpan performance with elements of the absurd. Oscar Capezio makes interim sculptures from building materials in a home improvement superstore – where the sculpture is ephemeral and its image is permanent. Alex Hobba’s reflective, moody, work Monument also makes riveting viewing as she explores feelings of vulnerabilty  upon entering into new sometimes uncomfortable environments. And finally Tony Curran working in the twilight zone between video and painting, abstraction and figuration, creates a blaze of digital colour and movement  at the end of Lonsdale Street makes for a great conclusion (unless you are coming from the other direction in which case its an introduction). Gotta see this and fast – ends 9 April. Opening Hours 5-8 Thurs, 5-10 Fri, 12-5 Sat and Sun, and there is a map of locations and works below.

Alex Hobba and db

Luke Aleksandrow

Shagsy Shags

Shagsy Shags Back in yer box (2017) at Eye Candy Optical


Lachlan and Carolyn

Alex and Bianca