April 21


Wendy, Jemima, Megan and Erin

Canberra legend Shagsy Shags has been at it again – photographing CCAS openings and of course we are SO glad she is ! There is simply nothing this woman can’t do brilliantly. Wendy Murray is down from Sydney and showing some work that has Canberra connections at CCAS City.  Chartjunk represents a portion of a larger, collaborative work under the umbrella of the Nomadic Research Unit, a tribute to the incredible research produced by the Australian National University (ANU) Urban Research Unit, established by Wendy’s late, great, Uncle Max Neutze. The project questions the notion of the dérive, searching for patterns, emotions and rhythms in the collected data. This ongoing mapping project combines psychogeography and traditional cartography drawing and reproduction processes. The maps and data collected in the past 12 months reflect emotions and experiences related to acts of public art installation in urban space – street art. Chartjunk is the first visualization of this unique data – covering 489 kilometers, 5465 minutes over eight cites. At CCAS City until 27 May.

Mick, Alex and Alex

shy people (and/or criminals)

Sabrina and Megan

Raquel and Alex

Sarit, Erica and Robert

Millan and the Harts

David and Wendy