May 02


Merryn and Sabrina

Me Time is the first of CCAS’s in house curatorial exercises for 2017 and its a knock out ! Perhaps not the most visual of exhibitions because its all about the internet or, to be more precise, social media. Tully Arnot, Grace K Blake, Benjamin Forster, Claudia Greathead, Anna May Kirk, Janis Lejins, Claudia Nicholson and Giselle Stanborough all use the internet in different ways as a medium and as a result their work can have the appearance of ephemerality. Or as the curator, Sabrina Baker puts it “Me Time explores increasing integration between life, art and technology. Posting everyday moments to Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and plenty more social media platforms are now second nature and our phones just an extension of our arms the boundaries between our digital lives and our physical ones are increasingly blurred. Me Time focuses on the absurdity of living one’s life from app to app incorporating everything from lifestyle and wellness to relationships and dating apps.” All the works in this exhibition represent extraordinary ideas that are preceptive in what they have to say about life on the net while also being highly entertaining. You can wile away the hours for instance following Janis Lejins real time tweets to Donald Trump and Justin Bieber. You can also imagine a date with Giselle Stanborough on her very own dating site and see hilarious/sad images on post it notes of men who have attempted to attract the attention of Claudia Greathead. Grace K Blake’s portrait mage up of the artist’s Google photos and Claudia Nicholson’s videos using gifs to explore aspects of her Colombian heritage take a fresh approach to self portraiture. Anna May Kirk creates the ultimate generic portrait using phones and selfie sticks. Tully Arnot just focuses on his chest (literally) breathing in and out. And Ben Forster has downloaded words from movie subtitles to be shown on minuscule screens to show that words exist outside ideological concepts of ownership.  This is a generation of artists who have grown up with the internet, who celebrate the use of social media while taking the piss … if you feel a bit confused or out of you depth with all this technology ask one of CCAS’s friendly staff to show you around … it will be very rewarding. Me Time at CCAS Gorman Art Centre until 24 June.


Alex and Leah

Riley and Kristina

Sara and Emma

Tom and Gus

Debbie and Alex


Felix and Enrico


Tom and Patrick

Anna, Skye and Jack

Lachy and Andrej

Yen and Josh