May 03


Brendan and Waratah

Waratah Lahy can be relied upon to produce exhibitions that are not only gorgeous but also out of the ordinary. Basically she can turn anything, any object, into art and for Three Hundred and Sixty Six, its her life or what she noted everyday of 2016. This year long drawing project focuses on what Waratah calls the “patterns and rhythms in daily life” and thus we gat an insight into the moods and concerns of an artist. It is also a record of places – where she happened to be at a certain time and how she was feeling or felt about that place. The drawings are small, detailed and exquisitely executed so there is a lot to look at, a lot to take in. But obviously its well worth the effort. One of the most impressive elements of this exhibition is its cataloguing, the organisation of works on the walls and a digital piece in which all works are hash tagged and the audience is able to isolate works based on the tags which cover everything from time to place to colour, and much much more. A highly entertaining, ridiculously clever way to revisit and process aspects everything you have just seen. Three Hundred and Sixty Six at CCAS Manuka until 7 May. 

 08/07/2016, watercolour on paper, 8.4 x 8.4cm; courtesy of the artist