June 02


India Zegan (1)

India Zegan The tree would only be found at higher altittudes, 2015-2016, 150cm x 100cm, photograph by Felicity Jenkins; courtesy of the artist
They say its better late than never – but that depends what you are talking about. Its taken a while to get India into the social pages but here a a couple of photos of her breath taking exhibition at CCAS Manuka which is on for two more days Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June. This is part one of A History of WindThe tree would only be found at higher altitudes (2015-2016) consisting of a suite of seven large automatic drawings that allegorise slow building, wild weather events. To steer us through unknowable waters, these cartographical drawings imagine an encyclopedic study of cloud patterns. India’s stunning hang, meticulous with a casual air about it, highlights the deep rich greens of her intense drawings. Best get the bike out and straight over to Manuka while A History of Wind still blows through Canberra.

India (2)