June 02


 Stephanie Jones, On the streets where you live (detail), 2017, colour pencil on Stonehenge paper, 26 x 93cm
Stephanie Jones is a local legend who has been involved with CCAS for many years. Traces of her stellar career are found throughout the CCAS archives. Its been a while between drinks for Steph although she was one of the stars of Bad Girls curated by Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak during the 2013 Centenary and also donated a fabulous work for Quick Draw last year. In short its great to see her back and CCAS City is the ideal compact space for a re-emergence. On the streets where you live is a celebration of suburban ornamentation and with an eye for detail draws on  ironwork designs adorning fences, gates and verandah railings in her neighbourhood. Thus the exhibition maps out the themes of place, memory and belonging. Stephanie’s meticulous drawings in pastel colours are much appreciated by her audience – but my fave is a work from many years ago, made from icing, photographed and enlarged to the point it is almost impossible to distinguish its medium. And an added bonus there is an illusion of 3D and its always hard to pass an illusion. The opening, which unfortunately will be one of the last at CCAS city because the building is being demolished, was laid back and fun.  Thus the photos are in the documentary style and Steph is in the first and second (below). Do yourself a favour and get on down The streets where you live at CCAS City until 1 July.