July 12


Debra, Jay Younger and Anni

Its been fun and games getting HYPERactive together over the last two weeks with more than our fair share of heart stopping moments.  I guess the good thing about that is, its very rewarding and an incredible relief when its all up and running.  A fantastic bunch of artists, volunteers and the CCAS staff, however, kept their cool and we will look back and laugh … We’ve had Prof. Jay Younger (Photography, Queensland College of Art) here all week and Bianca Beetson (Lecturer, Program Convenor Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art, Queensland College of Artflew in with her son Cormac on Thursday – and they cheered everyone up immensely. Then the fabulous Cathy Laudenbach materialised from her remote pad in Wadeye, Northern Territory and that would be the greatest trek of all ! Brisbane artist Debra Porch also flew in Friday morning for the fabulous opening at which all of our troubles evaporated.  Unfortunately Richard Grayson (London) and Claudia Chaseling (Berlin) weren’t able to make it but we know they were here in spirit, and in the circumstances of this exhibition, that could well be literal.  Kiri from Griffyn Ensemble played two fantastic pieces for flute as a teaser for a concert on Fri 1st September 2017, 7pm. If the Friday performance is anything to go by it will be a cracker. Here is all the info.

Kiri, Griffyn Ensemble

A Night in Hyperreality

Experience a night of hyperactive dreams within dreams, where simple ideas become amplified, distorted and deranged.  Massive metronomes, alarm clocks gone crazy, and a mad Marilyn Monroe combine in a show that will leave you wondering if you have ever truly woken up.  In conjunction with Canberra Contemporary Art Space’s HYPERactive exhibition. INFO and TICKETS

Kiri and Michael Griffyn Ensemble

So …. what do the Devil, rabbits, modern China, seances, Elmo, salmon and abstract painting have in common. Not much I hear you say, but this is the question HYPERactive tries to answer through works by Claudia Chaseling, Rebecca Selleck, Jay Younger, Richard Grayson, Bianca Beetson, Cathy Laudenbach and Jay Kochel. Curated by David Broker HYPERactive was “conceived in a miasma of unreality” and in many respects it is a response to an era in which the very notion of reality/truth has been called to question. All of the artists involved work between fact and fiction producing art works that create conflicted responses from the audience. In other words if you are fascinated yet confused by this exhibition that is exactly what’s supposed to be happen. It is an exhibition of ambitious works, both in scale and concept.  Richard Grayson’s Possessions_inc for instance is a 13 episode video epic while Cathy Laudenbach’s project required many trips to China. Jay Younger has a waterfall in the gallery, Selleck’s oversized rabbits breathe, Kochel’s seance generator vibrates with boiling ectoplasm and Chaseling’s vibrant paintings just go off !  HYPERactive is an exhibition of out there works that met with an incredible response at the opening on Friday night. Lots of photography happening (always a good sin) (Fraudian slip)* because these are works that people love to be photographed with, interactive and tactile.

* I have left the Freudian typos as they are totally appropriate.

n.b some names to come hold tight.

HYPERactive at CCAS Gorman Art Centre Gallery until 2 September.

Cormac with work by Bianca Beetson

Bianca Beetson and Andi

Bec Selleck and Monica

Jay Kochel

Rob and Cathy Laudenbach

Ann with Seance by Jay Kochel

Bianca and Shellaine

Sam, Max, Paul and Riley

Caitlyn, Sarah, Andrew, Karen and Steve

Alex, Alex and Josh

Asmodeus and Shags (work Possessions_inc by Richard Grayson)

Justin and Andi

Ruth and Steve

Tom and Bec

Simo and Lee

Kendall, Andi and Justin with lapins by Rebecca Selleck