July 16



Alex before the opening

Michael Cammack, Alexander Boynes and Alex (photo by Shagsy Shags) at Wendy Murray’s Chartjunk

We always new it was going to happen …. CCAS City, which opened April 16 2015 to the side of Canberra City Framing in Hobart Place has reached the end of its service. The Capitol building will be turned into “5 star hotel style luxury apartments” and City Framing has moved just down the road to the corner of Marcus Clarke Street. Starting out as the Kaori Gallery, Mick Cammack, City Framing owner, asked if CCAS would like to take over programming the gallery, and naturally we said YES ! And so it started with Brian Smith who had recently graduated from Canberra Institute of Technology and produced a remarkable show Fritz Who? Every year we have awarded one graduate from CIT  and ANU Art School with a show in the City space. Mick has sponsored the rent on this space and Alexander Boynes put together a program of the highest quality with:  Stephanie Jones, Annika Harding, Mark Booth, Sanne Koelmij, Jenna Moore, James Lieutenant, Julie Bradley, Wendy Murray, Clare Thackway, Jay Kochel, Erik Krebs Schade, Nikki Haines, Alex Lewis, Caren Florence, Lars Wetselaar, Shellaine Godbold, Janet Angus, Dan Vukovljak and Dionisia Salas. CCAS City was a small space where artists could try out new work, experiment with what they are doing and there was ever a bad show. Everyone who produced exhibitions exhibitions here worked into the space and excelled. We will really miss CCAS City but right now just feel glad it happened. A big thanks is owed to Michael Cammack and Canberra City Framing for generously handing this space over to artists. And don’t forget you can still get your framing done just a few doors down.

Brian Smith Fritz Who? (first cab of the rank) and Nick

Sabrina and Chris Bennie at CCAS City

Steadman, db, Mark Booth, Alex at Digital Disruption 

Jay Kochel No Feeling Whatsoever

Erik Krebs Schade Take a Load off

Dan Vukovljak and Tom The Traveller Shrugged

Isobel, Emma, Stephanie * and Dierdre Speech Acts 

Wendy Murray and Alison Alder Chartjunk