July 18


We should be crying crocodile tears but amazingly there are very few crocodile tear gifs (and no good ones) so we have to go with dog tears … sad. So why the tears, because Sabrina is going to Melbourne where she will become Program Manager at Westspace one of our CAO (Contemporary Arts Organisations of Australia) siblings.  Sabrina came to CCAS via a somewhat unusual route … starting our as a studio resident. After only a few months the gallery manager’s position came up, she applied, and to everyone’s surprise she got the job. The rest is history. Sabrina has been doing front of house, looking after the members, running the members shows, minding the studio residents, volunteers, helping out with install, doing the banking and petty cash, organising the bar, licensing and more licensing, as well as getting Quick Draw the CCAS fundraiser together. Importantly Sabrina has also curated two great exhibitions, Obnoxious Ladies in the Australian Landscape (yes you heard that right) and Me Time. Canberra Times Art Critic Peter Haynes hit the nail on the head when he said, “Me Time is the sort of exhibition that gives places like the CCAS its raison d’être. It is not an easy exhibition and certainly does not contain art that fits in with Matisse’s idea of art being a comfortable armchair. It is an eclectic collection but one united by the fact that, in the words of the curator, Sabrina Baker, “the artists…are making work reflecting our changing relationship with current technology and raising questions regarding ethics, authenticity, community and identity”. Each artist’s approach is idiosyncratic and interrogative, the questions posited aimed at both themselves and their audience.” June 2 2017

In her ‘spare time’ Sabrina is an artist producing exhibitions at ANCA and PhotoAccess since she has been with us as well as organising The Garage pop up space with Sarah D’Alessandro including the public video spectacle in Lonsdale street The Garage (Video). And if that wasn’t enough her hobbies are bike riding, animals and craft, the latter of which she has considerable skill. Her love of lunches, shopping, interior decoration and IKEA have been handy for CCAS, the reasons for which will be largely self explanatory. There have been significant improvements to the office and many lunches at IKEA. Sabrina was often accused of being over exposed in the CCAS Social Pages and searching pics for this post certainly proved that to be true. So here are some of the highlights of Sabrina’s 3 years at CCAS. She will be sorely missed – but she won’t be far away at Westpace – and everyone will see her in Melbourne. Sabrina cuts the apron strings at the end of July and CCAS staff and board wish her the very best of absolutely everything as she takes of for the big smoke and into the FUTURE.


Alex, David, Sabrina and Michael

Leena Riethmuller, David Broker and Sabrina Baker with works by Caitlin Franzmann

Eleanor Scicchitano and Sabrina Baker

CCAS Staff, interns and friends Selfie CCAS Members Show

Susan, Louise, Sabrina and Paul CCAS Fundraiser Quick Draw

Sabrina and Sam at the Footy Show

Sabrina Baker and Sara d’Alessandro Manozzo The Garage (Video)

Sabrina abd Chris Bennie at CCAS City

Susan Peter and Sabrina

Sabrina’s Photoaccess show

Anja Loughhead and Sabrina Baker at ANCA

Georgia and Sabrina

Alex, Geoff, Millan and Sabrina slightly illegal protest at parliament house

Nagesh, Sabrina and Tim

Sabrina in the Byrd bus stop at Belconnen Art Centre

Sabrina and Will French