July 26


Gus McGrath

We love it when people get together and organise a show at CCA Manuka! This is one such exhibition and its a showcase of local talent with a couple of visitors thrown in for good measure. Fast becoming a local legend if not already Gus McGrath plays in bands, volunteers at galleries (photoaccess and ccas) and curates exhibitions in his spare time. Gus also has a significant presence on Instagram which might go some of the way in explaining the reasoning behind this show.  Styling the Distributed Body explores how the Internet influences our lives and considers the idea of ever-increasing disembodiment and what that means for the presentation of our physical selves – or dressing. For example where does fashion fit is cyberspace? what vehicle one need need on the information super highway? Looking at texture and function rather than the new technologies, these artists are interested in what an embodied future looks and sounds like. This exhibition is curated by Angus McGrath and features work by Grace Blake, Mimi Fairall, Danielle Karlikoff, Julia Thwaites and Darcy Wedd. Its a gem and finishes on Sunday 30 July so no time to lose.

Mimi Fairall 

Danielle Karlikoff and Rory

Julia Thwaites

Grace Blake 

Romany and Campbell

Lydia and Rory

Alex and Annika

Riley and Pat

Mel, Shags and Luke

Hugh, Arthur and Grace