September 11


Shags and Jodie

Lachlan and Shags

CCAS is nothing if not on the money when it comes to the trends and topics of the day. We are the masters of zeitgeist. So even if it seems a bit obvious, there was no choice for the theme of the 2017 Member’s Exhibition other than Fake News. Everyone knows what we are talking about even if they are not sure exactly what it is. Is it a lie, a half truth or just something Donald Trump dreamed up to describe whatever he doesn’t agree with? Its overworked, overbaked, overwrought and a big fat cliche. This exhibition brings together artists with overactive imaginations to shed some light on the fake phenomenon (or the phenomenon of fake) and as one might expect there are some hilarious takes. There’s tin foil hats, make your own headline, Mark Latham as you have never or perhaps always seen him and much much more. We thought it would be a quiet opening and ceremony but nothing could have been further from the truth. But it wasn’t a fake opening. Absolute ripper, so many lovely people turned up ! You probably know already from Instagram but just in case … it all turned into a Shags fest which will explain many of the plethora of photos but there is lots of Tom too and as many of Peter as possible.

The winners are:

Highly Commended : Peter Vandermark Conundrum (2017) 

Runner Up: Tom Buckland Six contemporary tin foil hats for modern Australia (2017)

First Prize: Shags News Room (2017)

This years judge was the fabulous Gordon Bull (Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Art History and Art Theory at the ANU School of Art & Design)

Thanks to Elizabeth Harris our volunteer who coordinated the show and did a fantastic job.

Also thanks to our beer sponsors Capital Brewing Co. We are very happy to be associated with the coolest brewing company on the planet!

Tom and Cat

Dave and Tom model Tom’s tin foil hats

Steven and Tom

Luke and Annika

Pete and Dave

Yao and John

Eleanor and Ros

Shags and Rose

Kate and Sophie

Alex and Elizabeth

db Riley, Sophie and Nat

Nat and Alex

Larissa and Brenton

Ben and Isaac

Yen (Fiona)

Chris and Kael

Leila and Surya

Cat and her member’s show works

Tom and friend

Shags and Sanne

Alex and Paul