September 19

Drip pOp

Mei-Lynn Wilkinson

There is only a couple of photos from the opening of Drip pOp last night because the photographer was fatigued. We can assure you, however, that CCAS Manuka was packed for the opening of Mei-Lynn Wilkinson’s exhibition of paintings that are literally stuck to the walls (with adhesive backing). Each painting contains elements that look unresolved but this is (like much of the exhibition itself) is a clever illusion. Standing in the gallery its kind of difficult to get one’s head around what is happening with these works but one thing is for sure they are spectacular. Like colourful explosions happening in different parts of the room. Mei talks about the relation between painting and cartoon animation. Weirdly some works the evoke the animators cells; weird because there is no transparency. Some pieces seem like abstracted comics strips and at times you can even pick up references (like Ren and Stimpy) and then like memories they fade, and become something else. A mischievous Bridgette Riley mis-quotation, perhaps, or a simple  gesture that removes the affectation from geometric abstraction. Mei’s works have no frames and tend to find their own borders which might be anywhere on the wall upon which they sit … they are unpredictable, paintings that speak of independence, perhaps even defiance. Its easy to wax lyrical about Mei’s work and that’s why its extra important to see it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. At CCAS Manuka until 24 September.

db and Mei