November 13


Jemima Parker

Ever wondered what to do with all those lovely photographs you have taken over the years and just take up space on your computer. Jemima Parker has come up with the solution … turn them into art. There and back again explores moments in time and experience of place, through photography and screen-printing processes. Multi-talented Jemima has recored her local surrounds, childhood home and recent travels throughout Australia and abroad – a series of fleeting moments captured on her phone. Images are reinvented as screen prints – cutting down paper, mixing inks and hand printing, bringing the works slowly to life – a direct contrast to today’s instantly posted image. Recalling the era of pictorial photography in the late 19th and early 20th century Jemima has added soft, faded backgrounds, and warm, brown/black for the images themselves, suggesting these contemporary scenes are in fact of a bygone time, evoking nostalgia. Jemima presents a romantic journey through everyday life highlighting the beauty of those memories that are frozen in time but so easily forgotten. In the age of instant imagery this is an exhibition we can all engage with.

At CCAS Manuka until 19th November.

This exhibition is being presented as part of DESIGN Canberra, celebrating and promoting Canberra as a global city of design.