November 24


Alex Hobba

We have come to expect big things from Alex Hobba … and her new exhibition Assets which opened at CCAS Manuka last night has delivered big time. Alex has completely transformed the Manuka gallery turning it into a space resembling a bank, a place/space for the transaction of imagined and unimagined values.  But Alex doesn’t leave us entirely out in the cold, placing objects throughout the gallery that in turn refer to “cultural value systems”. Pearls for example. Using colour along with 2 and 3D form Alex creates a grey area, an ill-defined situation, an area of activity that doesn’t conform to any particular set of rules. The “bank” as a site of value exchange envelops the audience in unexpected ways …  this exhibition becomes an experience of living inside an idea, a concept that addresses one of the major issues currently faced by societies across the globe. A stylish installation where we might be in a Cartier store, a ticket office or Deutsche Bank, or they might have invaded our thoughts. “Generic imagery of the natural and corporate blend to eliminate the distinction between the artificial and naturally occurring.”

Assets at CCAS Manuka until 3 December. You have to see this one !