January 24


Dionisia Salas and Deb

Shoeb Ahmad

Happy New Year to all our members and CCAS social pages readers. After 4 weeks CCAS is back on deck in 2018 with 3 fabulous exhibitions by Derek O’Connor, Dionisia Salas and Shoeb Ahmad. These shows opened just before Christmas and continue now until 10 February. Sounds like ages away but its not. Derek who is an ACT legend has used covers from the old Time Life books, popular in the 50s and 60s, as “canvases” for his paintings that both hide and reveal photographs of some of the most mementous events of the 20th Century. With Derek’s unique brand of lively abstraction there are many highly charged works in his comprehensive exhibition. Partially inspired by the wallpapers to be found on the sets of Pedro Almodovar, Dioni has mastered the Chine-collé method of printmaking to produce a series of works so vibrant that they make the rest of the world seem rather plain. Shoeb’s video is autobiographical, focussing, without a hint of indulgence, on ways life changes and challenges our conventional views. A minimal video work made by zooming in on skin tones in photographs of the artist with a beautiful soundtrack makes for a rewarding (some say almost spiritual) experience. Blaze is up next and will be curated by Alexander Boynes this year. Keep an eye on these pages for an announcement of who is in it. Its always one of the year’s favourite exhibitions and I am not imaging that 2018 will be any exception. Stay tuned! Derek O’Connor At home he’s a tourist, Dionisia Salas Domino Gold and Shoeb Ahmad broken-binary-brown at CCAS Gorman Art Centre Galleries until Saturday 10 February.

Lily and Alex bar duties

Joel and Riley

Pat and Gus

Anja and fairly new baby

Kon and Connor

Cat and Harry

db and Eric

Anni and Deb