February 09



Mei-Lynn Wilkinson Mirage 2 (2018)

The countdown is on to Blaze #12; CCAS’s annual exhibition of emerging ACT artists. Its almost unbelievable that Blaze has reached its 12th year (so quickly) even though that was always the plan – to produce an exhibition that would become an ongoing archive of new art practices in the Canberra. Originally called Blaze because it showed the hottest artists in town the exhibition was connected to the CCAS Studio Residency Program which was suspended in 2017 following the Australia Council’s funding cuts. After an incredible 11 years of achievements Blaze was under threat. Obviously there are still a number of great new artists working around town and like a phoenix Blaze has risen out of the ashes to include five artists, Luke Alexandrow, Riley Beaumont, Rowan Kane, Sanne Koelemij and Mei-Lynn Wilkinson.  Over the years we have had guest curators including, Sally Brand (2016) and Sara d’Alessandro Manozzo (2015), co-curators with David Broker and Jan Falsone (2013), and this year Alexander Boynes is doing the honours for what promises to be a great show.

Blaze has always been eagerly awaited and in almost every year of its life has drawn CCAS’s largest audiences.  For local people its a way of getting your head around who’s currently breaking the barriers of innovation, technique and concept, while for visitors its the key to gauging the depth of Canberra’s formidable artistic talents. Blaze is  an important stepping stone for Canberra’s new artists as it carries a certain prestige courtesy of its focus on excellence.

This post includes some photographs of work by the soon to be famous five participating artists.

Blaze #12 opens 6PM Friday 16th February at CCAS Gorman Art Centre 55 Ainslie Avenue Braddon. 

Luke Aleksandrow Locally national (2018)

Sanne Koelemij Worthless matter and useful objects #2 (2018)

Rowan Kane Can I cum by (2018)

Riley Beaumont (2017)