February 12

broken-binary-brown:the performance

The Musicians


Kellie and Shoeb Ahmad (s.i.a)

Friday night: and Shoeb Ahmad donned her character s.i.a for a live performance of the haunting soundtrack composed for broken-binary-brown, a video installation, which has been showing alongside  At Home He’s A Tourist by Derek O’Connor and Domino Gold by Dionisia Salas. Interestingly, this work was created digitally with tracks by different musicians pieced together in Shoeb’s studio. As a result several of the musicians had never played together or even met! Have to say, this impressed me much. The sound component has been much favourably commented upon by visitors to The Cube, and Shoeb cites influences on her musical development including Bjork, Gavin Bryars, the Romanian folk dances of Bela Bartok and TEXT, a diversionary project that followed the break up of post-hardcore band Refused. Shoeb aimed to capture a ragged and volatile emotional quality with sound that is distinctive and idiosyncratic. Importantly this a composition that acknowledges how the significant music of our lives influences and shapes our views of the world.

Shoeb Ahmad / Themes on broken-binary-brown 
performed by: 
s.i.a. – voice, guitar, organ, melodica 
Rhys Butler – saxophones 
Hannah De Feyter – violin, pedals 
Evan Dorrian – cymbals, percussion 
Tom Fell – saxophones 
Kellie Lloyd – electric guitar 
Ben Marston – trumpet, laptop

Kellie Lloyd (artwork by Derek O’Connor and Dionisia Salas)

Tom Fell (artwork by Derek O’Connor)

Hannah De Feyter (artwork by Derek O’Connor)

Evan Dorrian (artwork by Derek O’Connor)

Rhys Butler (artwork by Derek O’Connor)

A small selection of anonymous punters