April 05



Skye Jamieson is an artist who makes it look easy. It’s as if she just makes a mark on her canvases and the world is miraculously transformed into a thing of beauty. We know, however, its not easy and no doubt each piece is the result of laborious process that lies hidden under the surfaces of her works. For starters she focuses on water and thus the works give the impression of fluidity and transparency. And then, the incessant appearance of blue as it appears in the built environment with a particular interest in its emergence in trash. Titles like Vicks vapour drops, Pure Australian sparkling water, Blue chalk and Skip bin tell the story of how her concepts are developed. Skye’s unique brand of abstraction (which owes a little to Yves Klein) is very much connected to those familiar things we encounter at home and in the streets, but don’t see. Skye and her family also know how to throw a party and thus the opening was a ripper. Its been a long time between drinks for the social pages but we made up for it last night and I wasn’t the last to leave …

At CCAS Manuka 5 APR 2018 TO 15 APR 2018

Liz and Andrew (Skye’s mum and dad)

Tom (Skye’s bro)

Jess, Sachin and Skye

Samuel and Jack

Franco and Zak

Kendall and Riley

Alex and Salgram

Lym and Mei

Katy and Nil

Sophie and Rose

Fizz and Ryan

Skye and Iraj

Dave and Mon

Finn and Ben

Interpretive dance or end of the evening?