May 01


Jodie Cunningham 

Obsessive Impulsion is not an exhibition about any particular condition unless hard work is counted as such. Initially I wanted to focus on 5 artists who have, in different ways, obsessive processes and look at the lengths they  go to to in the production of their works. All of the artists involved make it look easy but we know it is not, and every piece is the result of many hours of labour, much referencing particular domestic situations. Described at the opening by one of the punters as “too serious”, each body of work contains something of a paradox. The quiet flamboyance and pastel colours palette of this exhibition thinly disguise a sense of struggle, a thread of grief and the subtle presence of death. Michele England’s repurposed common household objects, amusingly kitsch, are transformed into emblems of protest addressing relentless environmental degradation. U.K. Frederick’s exquisite flannel photograms allude to the suicide of Kurt Cobain whose shirts were donated to charity and thus released onto the streets of Seattle. Ann McMahon’s taught weaves made from plastic bread wrappers index extreme housework and the daily rituals of family life. Suzanne Moss’s paintings reflect the labour of working with colour and the standards she sets herself in bringing an idea to life. Jodie Cunningham’s deceptively bright work comes from a “dark place” that reflects the difficulties of being a single mother, artists and professional. So all up, it might well be a deadly serious exhibition but if the response at the opening of Friday is anything to go by serious is the go.

Artists: Jodie Cunningham, Michele England, U.K.Frederick, Ann McMahon and Suzanne Moss. Curator: David Broker

Obsessive Impulsion at CCAS Gorman Art Centre Gallery until June 23.

Fiona, Megan, Ursula (U.K.Frederick) and Katie 

Ursula and Lars

Anni and Michele England (work by Michele England)

Brenda, Shaune and Raquel

Jeanette and Katie

Annika and Susan

Bohao and Elizabeth

Toni and Agi

Alex, Monica, Marianna and Diane

Robert, Neil, Anni and Amanda

Anni, Jodie and Jo

Eliza and Nick

Josh and Harriett

Ewen and Rosie

Alana and Sam (work by Michele England) 

Kael and Millan

Jody and Sanne (with work by Jodie Cunningham) 

Bryan and db