May 04


Romany Fairall

Here are a couple of gorgeous photos of Romany Fairall at the opening of Budding at CCAS  Manuka last night.  There is a statement about the work from Romany below but one has to butt in and say that this is an impressive exhibition. Beautifully conceived and organised to best advantage in the gallery. And a word of warning: these are very desirable works – you will want them – and good news, they are reasonably priced. Get on down to CCAS Manuka over the weekend, you won’t be disappointed.

Budding is a series of works that explore how patterns can allude to organic growth. The vibrant colours and materials in each work are brought together to mimic the suspenseful moment before a plant pops into full bloom. The intricate freehand line work creates the illusion of movement and expansion as patterns sprout across the surface in shifting colours. This pregnant moment of pre-blossoming is also reflective of the artists current state – her emerging or budding entry into the art world.

Budding at CCAS Manuka until 13 May

Romany 2