May 16


Jodie Cunningham Strength Totem Josh (2017)

Obsessive Impulsion: Confidential

Jodie Cunningham in therapy with David Broker

The vibrant colour and flamboyant design that defines Jodie Cunningham’s digital prints and sculptures is deceptive.  Her obsessively optimistic practice reflects the stresses encountered in her everyday life as a single mother, artist, and teacher.  This illusory positive mood comes from a “dark place” and her work represents a fragile balance between the pursuit of happiness and abject depression. In a one-hour psychotherapy session (including time for questions), David Broker delves into the private motivations behind Cunningham’s practice and attempts to guide her on a path to self-actualisation where her talents and potentialities are fully realised.

CCAS Gallery Gorman Art Centre 1.30-2.30 pm Saturday 19 M

Jodie Cunningham and David Broker