June 15


Brooke Leigh

On a freezing night with competition from 4 other openings, Sydney based artist Brooke Leigh managed to pull a quality crowd for the opening of Alice Interrupted at CCAS Manuka. Having completed a Master of Fine Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney (USYD) in 2017 this is Brooke’s fist Canberra exhibition and a very fine exhibition it is !

Alice, Interrupted uses elements of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel as a metaphor that focuses on the awkward vulnerabilities of childhood and the impact these have on the adult psyche. Brooke explores the helplessness of dependency with childhood objects, prints, drawings, photographs and audiovisual installations. Ultimately its all about transformation and escape as she seeks a way out of the cavernous “rabbit hole”. For the audience Alice Interrupted offers an extraordinary insight into “… intense emotional and psychological states that are often suppressed in an attempt to subscribe to normative views, resisting shame and judgement.” There is a wealth of material to process here as Brooke experiments with novel ways of telling her story so take your time with this one. Brooke will be in the gallery so get on over and meet the artist.

Alice Interrupted at CCAS Manuka until Sunday 24 June. Artist’s talk 3.30 PM Sunday 24 June at the Manuka Gallery. 


Brooke Leigh Searching (2015) photograph

Brooke Leigh Where I Start And Where I End Nobody Knows (2017) monoprint