June 29


Ellie 1

CCAS Manuka Gallery is looking particularly good at the moment. Not unlike some groovey little space you might find in Melbourne, London or New York. Alexander, Alex and Millan have recently given the gallery a makeover and the walls are currently pristine white. New user friendly lights and a new door that opens the gallery onto the street add the the cool ambience. Then along comes Ellie Chalmers-Robinson with a classy show of abstract landscapes which further raise the bar. Her paintings large and small have a gothic feel about them. It is easy to imagine that death lurks in the mists or amongst the dense bush. They are paintings that might swallow you up (hanging rock style). Most importantly Ellie has created a characteristic style of painting that is fresh and sophisticated. But enough waxing lyrical form me … see it for yourself. Highly recommend that you include On the Air in the weekends activities.

Chalmers-Robinson graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art (first class honours) from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2015. Recent exhibitions include Blueprints for the Roiled at Five Walls Projects and The Ravenswood Art Prize 2017. She is included in the Hill End Artist in Residence Program, 2018.

At CCAS Manuka until 8 July.

Ellie 2