July 05


Justine van Mourik and Tom Buckland (First: Tom Buckland Action Adventure Utility Knife (2018) found objects, wood)

Its all been on Instagram but here we have a more detailed pictorial account of the 2018 CCAS Member’s Exhibition which as always turned into a great fun night. They never fail. Our distinguished judge this year was Justine Van Mourik who is currently Director of the Parliamentary Collection and, who also happens to be the Chair of CCAS – since April. It was a great to have Justine do the honours and an opportunity for members to meet her and see her in action. As it turns out knows her stuff and gives a great speech. As a way of generating extra interest some of the members go home slightly richer than when they arrived! In fact our winner this year never goes home empty handed having been runner up in 2016 and 2017. What a talent!

First: Tom Buckland Action Adventure Utility Knife (2018) found objects, wood

Runners Up: U.K. Frederick and Katie Hayne Yeti on the Run #3 (2018)

Highly Commended: Mimi Fairall An Adventure in the Camry down Northbourne (light rail coming 2018) to the Coast (2018) mixed media on yoga mat.

Congratulations to the winners and a very sincere thanks to everyone who entered. The standard of works was again very high and its not easy to choose a winner. The theme Choose your Own Adventure captured the imagination of many artists who produced some exotic and idiosyncratic works (to say the least). One of the best things about this project is that no one takes it too seriously and the works demonstrate not only the artists talents but also their sense of humour.

Photos by Shags and db.


Justine van Mourik and U.K. Frederick (Runners Up: U.K. Frederick and Katie Hayne Yeti on the Run #3 (2018) Inkjet print)

Sophie, Tom, Luke and Annika

Cat, Bec, James and Wesley

Ann and Mon

Harriet, Gerald, Matt and Julie

Kate, Liz and friend

Conner, Alex and Ben

db, Ursula and Michele

Cherylynn, Emanuella and James


Thomas (middle), Rachel (right) and friend