July 17


Naomi Taylor Royds (centre) and friends

At CCAS Manuka we have Naomi Taylor Royds’ The Memory Within, an exhibition focusing on household, objects in which she invests an emotional attachment. Consisting of prints, sculptures and installations this is a show that romanticises and elevates, for example, the humble wooden spoon or immortalises the utilitarian bowl in plaster. It’s a series of works that might have a certain thread of humour for some viewers while basically looking at the quite serious relationships that develop with the objects and tools people encounter as part of their daily lives. As Taylor Royds puts it, “This collection of works questions the understanding in the importance of familiar domestic objects and the consideration that perhaps it is only through a personal connection that we find true value in the ordinary.” An excellent show to visit over the weekend !

At CCAS Manuka until 22 July.