September 20


Eleanor and John

If it’s possible to fall in love with electronic components then its going to happen here at John Hart’s new exhibition At Home with Ohm. I am besotted with this elegant show if watercolours in which John reveals his inner nerd. Focusing on his  fascination with electronics – specifically the electronics of household sound systems John says “Each time we turn on a radio, or Hi Fi system, or guitar amplifier we are unwittingly engaging with literally thousands of small electronic components which work behind the scenes, unnoticed and unrecognised, but which allow us to live in the digital age.” At Home with Ohm we see these often neglected electronic workhorses, their usefulness demonstrated in a meaningful way. The titles alone are worth the visit, like 150 nF ceramic capacitor and 2N5458 transistor.  If the opening is anything to go by John gets a big thumbs up from his enthusiastic audience … and you can take one home for 150 bucks!

At CCAS Manuka until 30 September.

Louis and Katy

Adam and Rebekka

db and Surya

Mehdi and Alexander by Katy

Jemima and Adam

Sui and Pete