October 26


Sia X Ray and Asuna

Sunday arvo 21 October and CCAS opens the doors for Asuna, Japanese performance/sound artist. Any nervousness about who might attend so late in the weekend soon evaporated as crowds (approximately 80) streamed in for the 90 minute performance. The first thing that one notices is Asuna’s spectacular installation of cheap (often kitschy) key boards, each one an objet d’art in itself. This is quite a collection – the keyboard impressive for their unimpressiveness. An influential figure in Japan’s experimental music scene and master of ambience, drone and improvisation, Asuna treats each keyboard as a treasure, 100th part of a much larger work that includes the installation, sound and performance. Its an endurance piece in many ways as Asuna takes three and a half hours to set up, one and a half hours to perform and three hours to pack. Its all about precision both in front of and behind the scenes. The one hundred keyboards play the same key (but not at the same time), generating an undulating sonic harmony that is mesmerising and curiously riveting. As Asuna controls a horizontal dashboard of sound moving from key board to keyboard he creates a wall of sound that reverberates throughout the MAINspace. The audience is suspended on subtle acoustic variations hovering and retreating as keyboards work both together and alone to create an amazing journey into the avant-garde.

The work in these images is Janenne Eaton’s FENCES B/ORDERS WALLS – Keep Clear (2018) presented in conjunction with the Nancy Sever Gallery.

A big thanks to the fabulous Sia X Ray for organising this event at CCAS in collaboration with hellosQuare, this event is presented with the support of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, The SUBSTATION and Liveworks 2018 / Performance Space.

Sia X Ray and Asuna

100 Keyboards installation detail

Asuna in action

Impressionist Deirdre


Adelaide – audience participation