December 05


Alison Alder and Skye

His Excellency, Dr Sergio Eduardo Moreira Lima, Ambassador of Brazil, Christus Nobrega and  Mrs Ana Maria Kautezky-Larder Moreira Lima

As we head full speed towards Christmas it has been quite a week at CCAS, with a reception at the Embassy of Brazil in Canberra for Christus Nobrega our visiting artist from Brasilia and the opening of his exhibition Labirinto at CCAS on Friday night. Just when you think things can’t get any more exciting we throw Alison Alder into the mix with Newscrap her new exhibition that includes videos of scrapbooks containing images of politicians. Alison also produced a series of satirical prints taking some pretty out there news clippings and manipulating the message – many of which are so ridiculous that they don’t need a lot of work. Christus has brought photographs from the family album printed on linen more than half way across the world. Parts of the his prints have been removed and replaced with beautiful tracts of labyrinthine lace, an age old tradition in North Eastern Brazil where skills are handed down from mother to daughter. These shows will make you cry, Labirinto because of its emotionally charged images of families in days gone by, and Newscrap, because it is a reminder of the rubbish we are fed by journalists these days. CCAS was delighted to have the new Ambassador of Brazil and his partner here on Friday night as well as a great team of staff from the Embassy. Bringing these shows together has been a joy and a big thanks to Romero and Ana at the Embassy who have been instrumental in organising and encouraging contact with Brasilia which of course like Canberra is a designed national capital.  Both Christus and Alison teach at art schools, University of Brasilia and ANU School of Art and Design so we have a to of synchronicity going on here.

At CCAS Gorman Art Centre Galleries 30 November – 15 December and 22 January – 9 February

Sunny and Dani

Embassy of Brazil crew: Minister Counsellor Luciano Mazza de Andrade, Ms Ana Paula Lacerda, Vice-Consul Karina Barone, Ms Priscila Oliveira Bezerra de Menezes, First Secretary Romero Maia

Christus, Ana, Sergio and Romero

Anni and Helen

Alex and Mariana

Clinton and Ana

Romero, Leighton and db

Dioni, Jay and Katy

John and Nat

Christian and Nicci

Ann and Christus

Christian Paul and db

Labirinto, Christus Nobrega is kindly supported by the Embassy of Brazil in Canberra