February 08


Anni, Christus and Callie

Christus’s pop up exhibition at CCAS started with a disaster. On Tuesday morning when Alexander took him to the gallery they found the ceiling had caved in under the weight of a reservoir of water that had developed in a storm the night before. With one and a half days to install the exhibition … the week took on an altogether different hue. Christus, rather strangely, liked the damage and if worst came to worst intended to incorporate it into the show saying how he had been working in the desert with no water and now the exhibition is starting to come together there is too much water. Thanks, however, to Jacqui Vardos at artsACT the gallery was good as new by Thursday evening as the tradies moved in pretty much immediately.

In the footsteps of Priscilla is the beginning of a realisation of a life long dream for Christus. Having seen the movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in the 1990s in Brazil he has longed to visit Australia and and the places Mitzi, Felicia and Bernadette went to. Having mounted his exhibition Labirinto at CCAS in December Christus embarked on an epic journey that started at the Imperial Hotel in Sydney. Next stop The Palace Hotel in Broken Hill, that high Camp icon whose name has become synonymous with Priscilla. There was a slight flight detour to Adelaide in order to take a bus to Coober Pedy in what turned out to be temperatures of 48+. From Coober Pedy to Alice Springs and Uluru we can safely assume that Christus’s mind was blown. This exhibition is the beginning of another journey. Consisting of references to Priscilla, found objects and documents from the trip, video, photographs and writings – the journey begins its transformation into art.  CCAS Manuka will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 16th. 17th and 18th February 11.00 am to 5.00 pm if you would like to take a look at this amazing reflection of Australia from the point of view of a Brazilian visitor. Remember it’s the start of something BIG.

CCAS Manuka flood damage 1

CCAS Manuka flood damage 2

Aubrey, Leo, Romero and Josh

Romero and Dan

Aubrey and Leo’s colouring in

Louise, Anni and Deb

Alex and Dierdre

Christus and db