February 24


Brian McNamara

Brian McNamara made a big impression at CCAS with his quirky sound machines in a show called Ex Machina a couple of years ago. Now at CCAS we can see where this was all heading with Brian’s first solo exhibition and a vast array of mind boggling interactive and autonomous devices. Interesting opening where the punters were more interested in the art than each other !!! Hence the engagement pics. If you like to touch the art, even play with the art, then you will love Brian’s exhibition of sound installations and lively contraptions. Brian has excellent notes that advise audiences how the work is made and how to make it work. Usually you just pull or lift something and the work goes off.  And there is an added bonus, he will be at CCAS Manuka for the duration of the show so you can see him at work and have a chat.

The Philosophy of Time Travel at CCAS Manuka until 3 March.

Dan, Alexander and lovely friend

play 1

Brian 2

audience engagement